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Warranty Years

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Some Facts

  • Molecular cross bonded adhesion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No lead, cadmium or zinc content
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Available for PVCu, Aluminium or Composite(GRP) materials
  • Aerosol touch-up paints available and free touch up pen included.

Our Guarantees

Unlike paint finishes, we’re confident of the UV resistance and protection offered by ColourTEK and provide a 5-Year Guarantee to it’s colour stability.

We’re equally confident with the bonding process and place a 10-Year Guarantee on the adhesion of the ColourTEK finish. This is subject to our terms and conditions and fair wear and tear.


Choose from a great range of both RAL and most of the British Standard(BS 4800) colours.We would advise you check colour availability first. A range of finishes is also available. Gasket colour match when sprayed both sides.Luminous and pearlescent paint options are not currently available. 

RAL Chart BS Chart

Lead Times

ColourTEK is based at our own manufacturing facility which means excellent logistics for us as a company and as a consequence, improves turnaround times to our customers and better quality control. We aim to be twice as quick as the service previously offered.

Extra Information


Molecular cross bonding using a chemical process to bond and combine with the substrate its being applied to. The substrate can be PVCu or aluminium and either of these can have a foiled woodgrain or powder-coated finish.

Why ColouTEK?

Great choice of colours all created using our state of the art in-house painting plant. Improved lead times

ColourTEK is based at our own manufacturing facility which means excellent logistics, improving turnaround times to you and improved quality control.


Any RAL or BS (4800) colour, except luminous and pearlescent paint finish. Some paint colours have a high colourant and as such may not be available or a higher paint cost. Other options maybe available, please contact us first. We can paint materials such as PVCu, Aluminium or GRP such as Composite doors.


Windows, doors, astragal bars, sills, trims, panels, bi-folds, patios, substrates, and more…

The gaskets is also colour matched on dual side finish and will not crack.

Environmentally Friendly

ColourTEK does not contain lead, cadmium, zinc, formaldehyde or isocyanates so is kinder to the environment and safer for the workers who apply it

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